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Best Solitaire Games

Solitaire Games

If you’re bored in your office, with some spare minutes or even hours to kill, a free online solitaire is your salvation. Solitaires (as the name suggests) are meant to play alone. They are usually puzzles based on a playing card deck, with all or only some of them open. You need to recombine them to order the deck or clear the field. It depends on the particular layout whether it has a solution at all. So it’s about intelligence and luck equally.

Fun as it is, this sort of entertainment has a lot of pros:

In addition, you can think about anything while playing your solitaire free! Some even say it stimulates their creativity.

Solitaire Types

There are thousands of solitaires invented by mankind. Most of them have been made into apps and web games. The most famous solitaires of the PC era are the following:

The Sense of Playing Online

Lots of developers make their solitaire online free. Instead, you may see ads while playing, but they aren’t much of an obstacle. Playing online has some extra pros:

Why Digital Solitaire is Better

Of course, the origin of solitaires is a regular deck of cards. Formally, with cards, you can play any solitaire you like. But, in practice, there are limitations: Cards require some space on your table. Depending on the solitaire type, this place may be large. Digitally you can play solitaire free of physical cards and space for them. Many solitaires require two decks or more. For playing Spider solitaire free online, you will not need any extras.


How many solitaire games are there?

Hundreds of them. But not all are equally fun. Try until you find yours!

Can I sync my solitaire games across a PC and a mobile device?

If the developer supports this. It requires authorization via Facebook, Google, etc. If you don't want it, there will be no shared stats.

Are there any hidden payments required to play online solitaires?

NONE! All of the above are solitaire free online versions.
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